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SWAG…What Defines Yours?

Posted on 23 May 2009 by admin


Presidential Swag

By Unique Jones and R. Nasom
Contributing Editors
EDU, Inc. Black College Source Magazine

Swag has become the definition of one’s lifestyle or street anthem.  Simply put – the way you conduct yourself or the way you define yourself as an individual. 

Sometimes I sit back and observe what exactly people define as their “swag.” Is your swag defined by your whip, your sag, a Gucci bag, a Jacob watch, or by the number of males or females that are attracted to you?

However you define your swag, I ask you to consider this. The epitome of swag is the Presidential and First Lady swag of Barack and Michele Obama.  President Obama stands strong, confident in his wisdom, and prepared to run a nation. Michelle Obama is a beautiful well educated woman – the personification of grace, class and elegance. Both loving parents to their two daughters Malia and Sasha. 

The Obama’s unassuming, powerful, and unmistakable swag is one perhaps we all should aspire to achieve.

Please comment on this article and tell us what defines your swag?

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