G.A.M.E. date – Monday, March 24, 2008 – Houston Rockets versus Sacramento Kings

May 30, 2007


Mr. Robert A. Mason

EDU, Inc.

2625 Piedmont, Suite 56315

Atlanta, GA 30324


Dear Mr. Mason,


Please allow this letter to serve as confirmation that your deposit for tickets for the upcoming 2007-2008 season has been received. I will be in contact will you as soon as the new schedule is released so that we can select the game for the getting African-American Males Educated (G.A.M.E.) event.


We are pleased and excited that you have decided to bring your G.A.M.E. Initiative to the Houston Rockets and Toyota Center next season. We look forward to working with you to reach out to young African-American as they to apply to college and develop life skills. We will provide you will space within the arena for the event and speakers from our front office/coaching staff.


On behalf of the organization, we thank you for your support of Houston Rockets basketball and look forward to working with you on this very worthwhile project.


Kind regards,


Gretchen Sheirr

Sr. Director of Ticket Sales

Houston Rockets