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Post Questions For Marshall Rainey South Carolina State Univ. Admissions Counselor

Posted on 25 October 2009 by admin

Post your questions for Marshall Rainey, South Carolina State University, Admissions Counselor.  Mr. Rainey is this weeks Focus on Education guest.  Focus on Education is an online forum that has been established to give students and parents the opportunity to have their questions answered by various educational professionals.

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  1. cierra johnson Says:


  2. Antonise Jones-Richardson Says:

    What kind of scholarships do you all have? Do you all have a nursing program?

  3. Keira Harper Says:

    Hi my name is Keira Harper and I have just a few questions for you. After high school I plan on going to college. The college that I choose to attend I would like for them to better my education. I want to get my degree in Sign Language Interpreting. Now I would like to know if your school can provide me with the education that I need? I would also like to know do you all provide finacial aid and scholarships?

  4. Jamar Says:

    How is campus life for freshmens?

  5. Denzell Jones Says:

    what is the overall G.P.A. needed for admission

  6. Dvin Sheppard Says:

    What’s make your college a good choice?

  7. Daniel Ingram Says:

    What do your GPA score hav to be to come there?

  8. dumitry goodman Says:

    What is the ACT score is needed for admission

  9. dumitry goodman Says:

    What is the ACT score is needed for admission

  10. Daryl Crosby Says:

    Greetings! I am not a parent of a college aspirant, neither am I a guidance counselor. However, I have a group of high school students that I mentor and I am passionate about getting them to experience the college life. We have a few who are willing to go to school down in SC (from VA) and I am willing to do whatever I can in order to make connections for them to guide their decisions. Is there a different route that I would need to take in order to get them more info on SC State’s admission process? Or can I continue to seek info as if I were their parents or counselors? Please enlighten me. I would love to establish an ongoing relationship with your department. Thank you.

  11. Carla Brienna Phillips Says:

    Hi my name is carla phillips and i was wanting to know the phone number directly to your office. i was wanting to know did you recive my application. im from Creek Bridge Hight School and im a senior. I also sent you a copy of my transtrip and act scores i made a 16 on the test BUT, im planing to get my GPA up. its currently a 2.56 when i sent it but it would be brought up. so if you would please send me an email on what i need to know i really want to attent South Carolina State Univesity. Thank you For your time. Carla Phillips

  12. Sabria Says:

    HI, my name is Sabria. Do you have a pre-nursing program? If so, what do they teach? Do you teach foreign languages as well?

  13. Sterling Says:

    What would be the best major in your opinion to go into seeing as the future job market will soon be increasing?

  14. Erica Fossett Says:

    What separates this school from the rest?

  15. jimshoe10 Says:

    can you get me in if i applied to your school

  16. Ciera Walker Says:

    What Scholarships Do this school has, and what are their rquirements?

  17. Ciera Walker Says:

    What Scholarships Do this school have, and what are their rquirements?

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